The Listen to Lawrence Letter: Can I change the trustees in my Irrevocable Trust?

April 13, 2022
Dear Clients and Friends:
Sometimes, changes need to be made to your trust, like in this question from one of my clients:
Due to unforeseen circumstances, is it possible to add trustees, change, or remove and replace original trustees in one of your Irrevocable Trusts? The circumstances could be a large windfall to one of the trustees, family discord, or more deserving potential trustees, etc. Could this change be made by a surviving Grantor or if one of the Grantors becomes disabled due to dementia? How can these changes be made?  I would appreciate your comments.
This is an easy one. My Irrevocable Medicaid Trusts all permit the Grantor(s), the remaining Grantor with capacity, and the surviving Grantor, to add and/or replace the trustees and successor trustees, of their trust at any time…and as often as you wish! Period! For any reason! For example, if your son, the trustee, forgets your birthday….he is OUT!
This is all accomplished with a simple, inexpensive, one or two-page amendment that we will prepare for you.
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