A Long Island Probate Lawyer For Probating A Loved One’s Estate

If a loved one has passed in the state of New York with assets in their name without beneficiary designations, their last will and testament must be admitted into probate. The probate process enables the executor of the estate to collect assets, pay off debts, sell property, and distribute assets in accordance with the will. This might sound complex, and it can be considering the emotional demands and stress that the passage of a loved one entails. Having the assistance of a Long Island probate lawyer helps to alleviate the strain.

The probate process has a number of steps and can be confusing and time-consuming, especially if you have been designated as the executor of the estate. You might worry about how to distribute assets equitably, or how to go about selling property and dividing the proceeds. These are natural questions, and having the answers on demand makes the process much easier. Working with your lawyer at DDSS means that you’ll know exactly how things will proceed, and your lawyer will handle as much of the process as possible to alleviate your worry.

What is the Probate Process?

The term “probate” refers to the legal process through which the last will and testament of a deceased person is admitted into the Surrogate’s Court and the process through which their property is distributed following their death. The assistance of a Long Island probate attorney can be invaluable during these emotionally challenging times, helping you to effectively proceed through the many complicated financial and legal aspects of probate.

How Does a Probate Lawyer Help the Executor of the Estate?

If you have been appointed the executor of an estate, the dedicated probate lawyers from Davidow, Davidow, Siegel & Stern can support you through every step of the process, including:

  • The initial identification and protection of assets
  • The creation of a thorough inventory of all assets of the estate
  • Covering debts made against the estate
  • Covering bills such as funeral expenses from the estate
  • Distributing the estate to beneficiaries in accordance with the last will and testament
  • Preparing the relevant tax returns to avoid issues from the IRS later
  • Accounting to all beneficiaries and the court

To the extent you wish, a Long Island probate lawyer will step into your shoes and can take over the executor role on your behalf, ensuring everything is done within the bounds of the law, and as timely as possible. In other words, we help alleviate the responsibility and burden placed on the executor.

Discuss Your Probate Concerns with a Long Island Probate Lawyer

The probate process can be complex and intimidating, and the best way to ensure that you are informed and that your loved one’s last will and testament is honored is by working with a local attorney. The Long Island probate lawyers from Davidow, Davidow, Siegel & Stern are standing by, so give them a call at (631) 234-3030, or make an appointment on this website.


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