How a Long Island Medicaid Lawyer Can Help You

Medicaid is a key tool for helping people get the long-term care they need and plan for the future. This federal and state assistance program is also complicated, featuring a dizzying array of rules and requirements that determine whether a person is eligible for benefits. The good news is that you and your family do not need to go it alone. At Davidow, Davidow, Siegel & Stern, our Long Island Medicaid lawyer team has been helping people and families navigate the Medicaid system for decades. We are proud of our strong history of successful results for the people that we represent.

How Medicaid Works

Many people do not want to think about it, but the day will come when a good deal of us or our loved ones will need long-term care.

Medicaid is a national/state/local health insurance system that provides healthcare benefits to impoverished people in need of services.   It covers preventive services as well as long term care services like nursing home and home care, varies by state and is based on strict eligibility.

Medicaid is often confused with Medicare, a separate federal program. People who receive Medicare can also seek Medicaid benefits to cover Medicare premiums and cover services not eligible for Medicare coverage, like long-term and nursing home assistance.

Our Medicaid Lawyers Clearly Explain Eligibility Requirements

Medicaid eligibility rules are complex and often raise difficult questions based on unique individual circumstances. The rising cost of medical, nursing home and in-home care services means that older people with health care issues who are not eligible may become eligible later in life after they have spent down their money.

Although Medicaid eligibility rules vary by state, there are also certain basic requirements that apply across the board. That includes income and resource limits.

In New York, for example, the Medicaid program imposes certain income and asset limits. The limits vary based on whether you are seeking nursing home or in-home care, but in either case they are very low.

There are a number of ways that a person who is over the income and asset limits can become eligible, including transferring assets to a trust. By planning ahead with a Medicaid attorney, you can make sure your assets are protected while receiving the medical treatment you need such as nursing home or home care.

Our Long Island Medicaid lawyer team has significant experience assisting people and families seeking to become eligible for benefits.

Medicaid for Nursing Home and In-Home Care

Medicaid generally covers nursing home services for people that have met all of the financial and medical criteria.  The facility must be designated as a nursing home because most assisted living facilities are not covered unless they offer a specific program. Even at eligible nursing homes, Medicaid may not cover all of a person’s needs.

Medicaid covers certain in-home services for people who are eligible. Eligibility for personal care or home attendant services is based on a number of factors, including the level of care that the person needs. People who are found to need a higher level of care are likely to be deemed ineligible for in-home services and instead directed to a nursing home.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Make a Plan

Nursing homes and in-home care are already expensive. Those services are only expected to get pricier as demand for the services grows.

Nursing homes costs continue to increase on Long Island, according to the New York State Partnership for Long Term Care. This cost is not a sum that most people can afford, at least without shedding assets and spending down savings meant to help provide for grandchildren and other loved ones.

Early planning is key. A Long Island Medicaid lawyer at DDSS can help you arrange your assets in a way to ensure that you are eligible for Medicaid benefits as soon as possible. That will help you pay for long-term care, whether it is in a nursing home or in your home, without depleting all of your assets.

Consulting with a Long Island Medicaid Lawyer Makes All the Difference

A person applying for Medicaid benefits is not required to hire a lawyer. However, there are a number of reasons why you would want a seasoned advocate by your side throughout the process.

The maze of Medicaid eligibility standards is complicated and regularly changing. It also overlaps with a variety of other federal and state laws. Applications are routinely denied to people who should be eligible, based on technical errors in the application process or misunderstandings of eligibility requirements. That is why it is vital to consult an attorney who focuses on this specific area of the law.

Just as important, an experienced lawyer can also help you develop a broader long-term plan to protect your assets and prepare for the future. Transferring assets alone is not enough. You need to understand the tax, Medicaid eligibility and other implications of these moves before you make them.

At DDSS, we ease financial and emotional burdens associated with aging and help people increase their quality of life with proper planning. We have helped tens of thousands of clients successfully apply for Medicaid benefits over our long history.

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