Listen to Lawrence’s Podcast: NY Medicaid Planning – A Comparison

August 17, 2020


Dear clients and friends,

By this time, we sure hope you listened to and enjoyed my first podcast (Comparative Elder Law: New York) hosted by my friend and fellow Elder Law attorney, Robert Fleming of the Elder Law firm, Fleming and Curti, PLC. Podcasts seem to be an excellent option to the live seminar during the pandemic. Just click and sit back and Listen to Lawrence!

Remember to let us know if there’s a particular topic that you’d like me to talk about during one of our upcoming podcasts or emails.

For now, paste or type this into your browser: or click on the link on the very bottom for Episode #68: New York Medicaid Planning – A Comparison. Learn about how Medicaid planning works here in New York vs. how it works in Arizona. Perhaps you’re considering retiring in Arizona or your parents already live in the state. You’ll begin to get an understanding of how it all works here and there.

I hope this helps.

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Episode #68: NY Medicaid Planning – A Comparison