NEWSFLASH – Spousal Refusal Stays – Community Medicaid Lookback Begins 10/1/20

April 2, 2020


Dear clients and friends,

News Flash: I just learned that the New York Legislature and the Governor have settled on a budget and my predictions seemed to have been proven true.

First the good news……SPOUSAL REFUSAL remains intact!

Now, the bad news……the no look back for Medicaid home care applications has been eliminated and there will now be a new 30 month look back instead. In other words, if you transfer your assets out of your name within 30 months of applying for Medicaid, you will not be eligible for a period of time. I have not seen how they will calculate the penalty but it may be similar to how they calculate it in a nursing home setting, that is, you are not eligible for Medicaid for one month for about every $13,000 you transfer out of your name.

I have yet to read this new law and for now I am relating what my sources are telling me. After I get my hands on the new law, I will be more specific in another Listen to Lawrence communication. This all just happened today and you are now one of the first to know.

One other thing I did learn is that the effective date of the new law is October 1st, so anyone needing help inside your home should apply for Medicaid sooner than later. I know there are so many disruptive changes in our lives right now, but if you need the assistance of an aide in your house, or you know someone else that does, now is the time to contact us to get your application in the works.

Please pass this email to your friends and relatives and keep sending your questions for me to answer.

Listen to Lawrence!

Be safe!