Can you save your income from Medicaid?

July 28, 2022
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Can you save your income from Medicaid?
What are the alternatives for meeting the criteria to be eligible for Medicaid if you have a pension?
The answer to this question depends on the circumstances, including whether you are married or not and where you are receiving your care.
If you are not married, all of your income (social security, pension, RMDs) must be paid to the nursing home, except for $50 per month. If you are receiving Community Medicaid (home care), then you can keep $954 per month and the balance can either be paid towards your care or more likely placed in a charitable pooled trust (where the trust can pay your monthly bills).
If you are married, then the same answers are applicable unless your spouse has limited income, in which case some of your income can be reallocated to your spouse to bring them up to a certain level.
The bottom line is that every situation has to be separately analyzed.
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