Century of Giving Promotion Announces Phase III Nominees

October 11, 2013
The Law Firm of Davidow, Davidow, Siegel and Stern (DDSS) announced the Phase III nominees for “Century of Giving”, a philanthropic endeavor created to recognize and reward Long Island charities for the good works performed for local seniors and individuals with special needs.
Managing Partner Lawrence Davidow stated, “It is our privilege to recognize the wonderful contributions of the following three non-profits, and to single them out as eligible nominees within the Century of Giving program: The SuffolkAssociation for the Help of Retarded Children (AHRC); The Long Island Advocacy Center; and the The Viscardi Center and School.”
Mr. Davidow added, “These three non-profit organizations have made a difference in the lives of so many individuals with special needs and their families on Long Island. While we can only select a single final recipient for the $5,000 award within the category of ‘organizations serving those with special needs’, we appreciate and acknowledge the good works performed by all our nominees.”The Century of Giving promotion celebrates the law firm’s centennial anniversary by recognizing worthy charities, and permits the public to vote for the charity which most deserves the $5,000 award donated by DDSS (vote at Davidow Century of Giving). The organizations have been selected with the expertise and guidance of the Long Island Community Foundation (LICF), and the pool of nominees serves the same populations as DDSS: seniors or those with special needs.
The promotion has been funded by DDSS, with LICF managing the fund and providing a comprehensive review of each nominee. “This is a wonderful philanthropic endeavor created by the 100 year-old law firm, and we were pleased to be the stewards of this initiative,” stated David M. Okorn, Executive Director of LICF.
The promotion has three phases: phase I, conducted in April and May, recognized select non-profits that have provided a range of human services for seniors; phase II – nominated organizations that combat specific health conditions among senior populations; and currently phase III nominates those organizations that have helped special needs populations.
Mr. Davidow concluded, “There is no more appropriate celebration for our hundred-year anniversary than one which recognizes organizations that share in our mission of helping seniors or individuals with special needs here on Long Island.”