Disability Integration Act to be Introduced in the Senate

January 22, 2016
A bill entitled, Disability Integration Act, is scheduled to be introduced in the Senate very soon.  Sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer, the bill hopes to keep families together and make life accommodating and comfortable for disabled adults.  Basically, it would require health insurance companies to pay for services for disabled adults in their homes.
Although health insurance provides disabled people with care while in an institution, it should do the same if they and their family decide to stay at home; it should be their right to choose where they want to receive care.  Some have even commented that the need for residential options amounts to nothing less than a “crisis.”
Years ago, housing people in institutional care models was the norm, but we cannot revert back to those days.  Schumer also mentions that “we cannot expect that everyone will live with their parents forever.”  He feels that disabled adults should be allowed to be as independent as they can and caring for someone in their own home would actually cost less than an institution.
Senator Schumer is optimistic that a law requiring insurance companies to changes their polices can get passed but he knows it’s going to take some time to get it done.  No one should want to break up families or even friendships within a community because they are forced to leave their home for care.  He’s confident that many will realize how important it is to pass this bill because it’s a system that’s obviously flawed.