The Listen to Lawrence Letter: Special Needs Alliance Repost

April 13, 2022
Dear Clients and Friends:
I often pass along articles that are created by one of the members of the SPECIAL NEEDS ALLIANCE (SNA). In response to a recent post, I received the following comment:
I never heard of the Special Needs Alliance until the above-named newsletter. May I respectfully suggest that you inform any client seeking to set up a special needs trust (SNT) to the Special Needs Alliance website? It answers many questions, even those questions that I never thought to ask. Thanks to you for being a co-founder.
Thank you for making this suggestion. I am very proud of my connection with the SNA. I still remember, about 20 years ago, sitting in a room with 12 attorneys from the top Elder Law firms in the country and discussing how there was a need to create a new organization, bringing together the top special needs planning attorneys, of which we would all qualify.
We wanted something different though, not just another general membership organization that anyone could join, but an elite, invitation-only organization of the best out there in all 50 states. The goal was for it to be more like a limited admission national law firm, a think tank, a place to share and learn at the highest level. From this premise, the SPECIAL NEEDS ALLIANCE WAS BORN and currently has about 150 members.  I am the only member on Long Island and have served as an officer.
Please check out the SNA website and enjoy all of their articles.
Click here: SPECIALNEEDSALLIANCE.ORG   It has a wealth of information. I promise to continue to include future articles in upcoming LISTEN TO LAWRENCE LETTERS.
I hope this helps! Please forward this information to your friends and relatives to share these informative answers to some very commonly asked questions.
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Listen to Lawrence Letter, just have them email me at and I’ll add them to the list!
As always, please send me your questions. If you are thinking about it, others are probably too, so my answers will no doubt help you and many others.
Let’s stay connected.
Stay safe!
Until next time,
peace, health and happiness,
Lawrence Eric Davidow