New York State Disability Law Passed

April 12, 2004

Recently, a law (Executive Law, Article 25) was passed in New York State which requires that persons with disabilities reside in the most integrated setting possible regardless of their age.

New York State must now develop and put into place a plan which allows persons of all ages to be appropriately placed in the most integrated setting possible and avoid institutionalization.

The term “most integrated setting” means a setting that is appropriate to the needs of the individual with the disability and enables that individual to interact with persons without disabilities to the fullest extent possible.

The “Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council” has been created to develop and oversee the implementation of a statewide plan to provide services to disabled individuals of all ages in the most integrated setting. The plan is slated to be completed in the Spring of 2003. It will include the creation of a toll free hotline with information on community-based services for persons with disabilities of all ages.