The Listen to Lawrence Letter: Does Medicaid guarantee aides?

February 6, 2023
January 31, 2023 • Volume 4 Issue 110
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Where did all the workers go?


My husband is fresh out of the hospital and is in need of an aide. However, the agencies have stated they don’t have anybody. So I am without help. We have Medicare, not Medicaid.  If we are without funds does Medicaid guarantee aides?


One of the biggest frustrations we are having is with the scarcity of home care aides (and employees in general). For the most part, Medicare does not provide ongoing aides in the home so that is usually a dead end anyway. If you are eligible for Community Medicaid (and we can get you eligible for Community Medicaid without a five-year look back), then Medicaid will pay for aides to come into your home and help take care of you. However, being eligible for Medicaid and having aides available are two different things. There is NO GUARANTEE that Medicaid will provide an aide, in spite of your acceptance into the program because they are hard to come by. Many people pay privately until one can be found, but If you do not have the private funds then you are stuck…at least until an aide can be found.

I wish I had better news. On the other hand, we have been increasingly successful in finding aides for our clients with our many connections. No promises though.

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