The Listen to Lawrence Letter: Irrevocable Trust vs. Transferring your House to your Children

October 25, 2023
October 24, 2023 • Volume 4 Issue 184
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My home is in an Irrevocable Trust set up 7 years ago through your office. My friend transferred his home into his son’s name to avoid Medicaid and minimize taxes, legal fees, etc. Which thought process is correct? I’m with you.


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However, I need to answer this question in one paragraph…so here I go.

Transferring the house outright to your son (or children) is usually the worst thing you could do. I am going to list the problems:

  1. Loss of control. No one should lose control of their house.
  2. Loss of property tax exemptions. Goodbye STAR, Enhanced STAR, and veterans exemptions.
  3. Loss of income tax deductions.
  4. Loss of your $250,000 capital gain exclusion and step up in tax basis upon death. In other words, there may be a HUGE capital gains tax to pay upon the sale of the property, either during your life or upon your death.

Putting the house in an irrevocable trust eliminates all these potential losses and costs much less than the losses above.

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